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T h e   P r o t o c o l.

The protocol is a community for like minded individuals that want to commit to growth & strength. This is not a fitness brand, this is a lifestyle.

"Performance, mindset, business & personal development is all I talk about."

"My daily actions keep me aligned with my purpose and help me create the future I desire."

Lukas & Nemi created this movement out of brotherhood, to hold each other accountable to live a life without excuses & non negotiable daily action.

Our mission is to give YOU the guidance & community to unlock & achieve long lasting success.

You will become an absolute force of positivity & energy.

Choose your subscription below;


  • Weekly 1 hour call/meeting

  • Weekly asignements/tasks

  • 24/7 support via WhatsApp with either Lukas or Nemi

  • Access to private community Telegram chat with all people on the same journey


  • Introduction & Check-In Call (30 minutes)

  • ​Self-paced training protocol; beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Access to exercise video library

  • 24/7 support via WhatsApp with either Lukas or Nemi


Coming soon!

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